Meet the Animals

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Meet the Animals


Some bears live a sad life with an unhealthy diet, poor health care and

a totally solitary life, just to amuse their human owners. These bears often end up de-clawed, defanged and unpredictable.
Our bear area is a secluded oak tree grove in which they can live, socialize, and investigate their captive world. Some, if able, will dig dens, others live in shelters, and most of them naturally hibernate. After arrival to Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, the males are neutered to prevent breeding and all are vaccinated, identified and de-wormed on a regular schedule by Dr. Elsom. Public interaction is not possible or allowed.

Bobcats and Coyotes

Bobcats and coyotes are native to Canada and the United States. Both species are valued by breeding operations and young ones are sold to people wanting a unique wild pet. Others are found as orphaned or abandoned young and inadvertently become semi-tame and a nuisance that cannot be trusted.

Domestic AnimalsOur Director has grown up with dogs as life-long friends. He has created a happy place for unwanted dogs at the Sanctuary. Large yards to run and play in, with the added pleasure of viewing ducks, geese, bears, and peafowl as they carry on their lives.
We take in family pets on a case by case basis and help other shelters give animals a second chance at being adopted into a good home.
Big CatsBig cats fascinate many people. That is one of the reasons that their captive life has spread from zoological institutions to circuses, breading ranches and back yard enthusiasts.
White Tiger
Mountain LionsMountain lions are safer in cages. There are not many places where big game can thrive without the risk of being tagged as a big game species. It is an honor to share a habitat with one of the last North American big cats.
The YoungThe young animals that are pictured are the offspring from incoming pregnant breeding adults.
Domestic Farm AnimalsDomestic farm animals find the Sanctuary to be a good place to live. Sometimes we can place animals permanently with understanding and loving families. While are name says Wildlife Sanctuary, the Sanctuary has always been a home for all species of animals who need a place of refuge. Horses, sheep, llamas, donkeys, pig and goats that were unwanted are taken in as a last resort, depending on space.Horse
Geese and DucksWith various geese and ducks, lawn mowers and fertilizers are unnecessary.
ParrotsThe parrots here are allowed to enjoy the outdoors in the summer months. Our volunteers who care for birds provide human interaction and stimulating activities for the parrots. We believe these animals belong in the care of extremely committed and educated parrot enthusiasts. Their amazing talents, colors and reputations distract from their true nature of being a wild creature.