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Sponsor the Animal Education Center

Excitement…that is the best way to describe our plans at the Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary! The Sanctuary is in the middle of a campaign to build a new Animal Education Center. The plans are set and we are ready to begin this wonderful endeavor. The Animal Education Center will be a huge benefit to the public, and most beneficial to area schools-from pre-school through doctorate programs at universities.

We are asking for your help in making this dream become a reality. During the past year the Sanctuary hosted over 3000 students from a multi-state area who came to tour the Sanctuary. These tours offered hands-on education. We want to see that educational opportunity continue to grow. The Animal Education Center will open infinite doors to educate children and adults about native and non-native animals.

Your help is needed to make this Animal Education Center a reality for the Sanctuary and all those who visit it. Please consider becoming a sponsor!

The first project your foundation sponsorship will help build is the new Learning Center and park entry building. The Learning Center will include a classroom, meeting room, food preparation area, an observation deck and public picnic area. The park entry will allow visitors to enter the Sanctuary and be greeted by a staff member who will register them for the next tour. There will also be a gift shop and public rest rooms.

Every year a large number of schools from as far away as Denver bring students to visit the sanctuary. Currently there is an outside classroom that will continue to be utilized when weather permits. Many of the visiting teachers have stated they would like to bring more students, but since a large portion of the school year is in the winter, this is not feasible. Educational programs will also be linked to the new state-of-the-art veterinary clinic located across from the Sanctuary.

This is your opportunity to help educate people of all ages in the care and rescue of endangered native and non-native domestic and wild animals.

The Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Education Center Sponsorship is set up so each of you can select the specific level of support you wish. The sponsorships range from $35.00 to $5000.00 and pay for activities at the Sanctuary. Some of these activities include crucial educational programs, the maintaining of existing facilities, the building of new facilities, creating and maintaining a website, the printing and mailing of special updates and the general administration of the Foundation.

As all the work at the Sanctuary is done by volunteers, all money collected goes directly to the betterment of the wildlife it protects and serves. No one at the Wildlife Sanctuary receives a salary.

With your support, sponsorships will give you a personal pride in helping insure that rescued animals will have a life of solace, free from abuse and exploitation.

All sponsors will be listed on the sponsor board for any project started during the course of their membership. This board will be placed at each completed site.

For more information, contact Don Balyeat (605) 347-2830, or
Carol Panerio (605) 722-8438.